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safety and occupational health : safety precautions in dealing with electricity

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safety precautions in dealing with electricity

 procedures and safety precautions in dealing with electricity

Have on workers in the workshops of the institution comply with procedures and safety precautions for the prevention and protection from power supply and in particular consider the following:

 not to touch any of the electrical conductors before hand to make sure that its activity using electrical measuring devices allocated to it.§

 not to resort to the introduction of the parties to the bare electrical wiring in the sockets and the use of Almkabbas triangular.§

 Ensure that all electrical connections are covered with insulating material and protected by a secure way.§

 not to walk over the wires and electrical connections and not to pass the machines and the development of hardware and hand tools over it for fear of damage to packaging buffer and exposure to infection.§

 not to exceed the load allocated to the electrical circuits and electrical circuits used only in the load limits allocated to them.§

 Do not try emancipator any person is exposed to an electrical contact with bare hands and have to switch off the power first, or wear rubber insulating Faqazac or wrap your hands dry with a cloth or use a dry wooden stick to help a person get rid of electricity.§
 do not run any of the devices and defective electrical equipment and inform those responsible for taking necessary to repair or replace.§

 Ensure the ground connection between the cover of the device electrical connector of the current board and land with a low resistance wire Aousel land in order to disconnect the power cord when over the limit in the event of contact.§

 removal of flammable material (gas and chemicals) on the location of electrical appliances in fear of a fire.§

 some cooling electrical equipment (transformers) appropriate to reduce the fluid temperature and be careful not to expose electrical equipment and components to moisture, dust and gases.§

 to get rid of static electricity is generated using the materials of static electricity and the reduction of negative charges generate spray mist of fluid materials appropriate to the diversion of cargo to the ground as well as through connected to land (grounding).§

 not to pour oil or trading near an open flame or sparks, or electrical equipment.§

 bought the international rule based on the color of electric wires at all times.§

 must be carried out all maintenance and repairs electrical by persons qualified and authorized to perform this work.§

 the maintenance of the electricity or electrical appliances or repair work must be isolated and the materials used by the panel attached a warning to avoid unintentional operation.§

 is treated with hot fuse or circuit cutters using rubber gloves and protective of the power supply and cables pull isolated supported.§

 use the dry powder extinguishers and carbon dioxide to extinguish fires only electricity and prevent the use of water or foam to extinguish the fire for being a conductor of electrical current.§

Safety precautions in the use of elevators

Despite the multiplicity and diversity of the means of safety in elevators. However, there could be some accidents due to bad use, or due to a lack of regular maintenance has, putting its users at risk of detention.

For the prevention of those risks we recommend the following:
1. Not use the elevator on their own children, and prevent them from playing lift, so as not to lead to their downfall or their detention in the elevator well and vulnerability to infection.

2 - the need to increase awareness of the dangers elevators and compliance assessment for the cargo elevator.

3 - When you stop the lift should remain calm and act wisely and not to hit doors or severely violent pressure on the buttons. And immediately contact a civil defense when there is a need to help and rescue.

4 - Follow-up action and periodic maintenance of the elevators on a regular basis by the electric companies specialized maintenance and record dates in a special register so.

5 - Ensure the provision of the means of proper ventilation Chamber of electric motors and do not store any purposes Bmnor room or elevator. As well as making sure to provide a means for ventilation inside the elevator cabin and a means to alert (bell) The use of the elevator inside the cabin in case of necessity.

6 - make sure to install the panel next to the elevator instructions indicating the loads and the number of people who can ride the elevator cabin at a time, as well as shown by the contact phone numbers in case of emergency.

7 - training a group of occupants of the place on how to operate the lift manually when he stopped suddenly and write mode of operation and hang in a prominent place next to the elevator and machine room operation.


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