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safety and occupational health : Electrical hazards

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Electrical hazards

:Electrical hazards

The power of the most important energy sources and driving forces are used in most aspects of life, but in spite of the many benefits of electricity but it has some risks to human and material if not used properly the technical sound and as instructed by the safety of their own, as any negligence in taking reserves safety and safety of electricity could lead to serious accidents to individuals and facilities.
Voltage AC is often used in electrical work with the FA for dc applications and features of it is stream usually moves in one direction. And some machines need run to Use a voltage constant for being more appropriate for some production processes it is used in shipments of batteries stored in the Operations paint (coating) and in the refining of aluminum and electromagnetic lifting device drivers in most welding operations.
There are two types of electricity are: -

1 - electricity Altiaria (dynamic)
Which is produced by generators and batteries of different types in the form of a variable electric current (AC) or direct current, and voltage applied in specific pathways Kaloslak and cables.

2 - static electricity
Which is created by the friction of two objects is deliverers of electricity or a conductor, other than the connector, and are generated in the form of shipments of various accumulate on the surfaces of these objects are examples of equipment and supplies that are generated in this type of electricity is the conveyor belts of the movement and belts moving and Electric mixers in the areas of paints industry and printing inks and the movement of some of the fluid inside the pipes and during loading and unloading of materials and petroleum friction of some types of clothing made of yarn of industrial human body.

Electrical hazards are divided into two parts according      to their impact two grounds

1 - risks affecting the rights:
As a result of contact with parts carrying electrical current while standing above the ground or touching of certain parts of the building and then completes the circuit and left the power supply and result in the following:

A - electric shocks may lead to death and vary the intensity of the shock that human exposure to several factors, including:
 intensity and type of current flowing body (Valtiar less effective than continuous AC).§
 - the duration of the current in the body, the more the duration of the current in the body increased its harmful impact.§
 - the member who left the mainstream unheard nervous system and heart more members affected by the electricity§
 - condition of the skin - Dry skin more resistant to infection with electricity from the skin wet.§
 - the person's resistance to the impact of electricity.§
B - burns: different severity from minor burns arise from the weak currents to severe burns resulting from high-pressure streams that lead to the destruction of most layers of the skin.

C - dazzle the eye: results from electrical shock, he spoke opacities in the lens as a result of entry into force or direct current - and the result was the eye of the electric flash infections occur as a worker welding with electricity.

2 - risks affecting the facilities and materials:
In this case, may occur explosions and fires or equipment damage due to misuse of power and has shown that the statistics on causes of accidents resulting from the use of electricity is limited to the following
 overload, lack of circuit§
 - use of electrical equipment is damaged or tasks§
 - misuse of electrical equipment and supplies§
 - touching the electrified parts§
 - is not connected equipment Balerda§

At the forefront of the risks associated with the electricity and its uses are:

Electric shock:
Electric shock occurs when a person's body become part of the corridor, which applies the voltage and the resulting impact on the body as a result can be directly or indirectly:
o the direct effect: When the electrical current flow less than 30 mA in the human body can lead to injury or death
o indirect effect: With this, it could be entry into force of electric current in the human body below the level that leads to significant damage, but the reaction of the human as a result may lead to serious injury to human beings
Or death. Such as falls from ladders or scaffolding and working platforms or move towards the moving parts of machinery
Occurs when a human touches the wires or electrical equipment as a result the misuse or during maintenance and usually affects the hands, burns
Electric arc:
Caused by high-intensity electric current (amps) occurs arc through the air / like this unusual flow of electric current (electric arc) begins between two points fitted with energy. This petition can be caused by people who are exposed to accidents at work in the components with energy or equipment malfunction as a result of effort or resistance. Research in the electric arc, the heat produced by electric arc has more than 35,000 Fehr terminus
Risks resulting from the electric arc
 thermal radiation:§
In most cases, the energy of thermal radiation is part of the total energy available from the arc
Many of the elements include the skin coloration of the exhibition is part of the skin and the type of clothing worn by the impact factor in the severity of the injury suffered, therefore, appropriate clothing and safe working distances, and overcurrent protection increase the chances of recovery from burns
 pressure waves:§
Breakdowns arc of high-energy results in waves high compression where research has demonstrated that the person located at the distance of two feet of electric arc that measuring 25 kilometers amp is under pressure at 480 pounds at the forefront of his body in addition to that, such a pressure may lead to serious damage of hearing loss coma as a result of the memory in some simple cases, the pressure waves could push the victim away from the electric arc and reduce exposure to thermal energy, however, such a payment may expose the person for bodily injury dangerous.
 ejected objects:§
Pressure waves can drive a relatively large body distances are reasonable, in some cases, the pressure waves had a larg Ter strong to take off the headers at the metal pins (3/8 inch) and thrown over the walls, the normal construction
High energy of the electric arc also lead to refractory materials copper and aluminum on the electrical equipment
This magma falling can be pushed to large distances by the wave pressure generated by the electric arc, and this molten metals cool down quickly, however, remains a temperature above the temperature that cause severe burns or burn the clothes that are offset at a distance of 10 feet and more from the source of its launch In many cases, the impact of burns much worse than the impact of sharp objects falling molten material
Explosions occur when we are the source of the electricity provider to ignite an explosive mixture is in the air. Ignition can be caused by excess heat in the equipment or generators or spark a result of contact in normal power key
Electricity is the most common causes of fires, whether in homes or places of work and the main reason for the occurrence is defective or improper use of equipment and electrical appliances are links with a high resistance is Almusr main flare and spoke links with high resistance when you enter the electrical wiring or delivered in the other components are incorrect outlets such as reception and switches

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